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Legacy Gymnastics’ Boy’s Program offers classes for boys ages 3-18 and any skill level from beginner to advanced. Beginner boys will start in the recreational classes with the opportunity to advance into our competitive team program.

The recreational classes for boys develops flexibility, strength, coordination, and body control in an age appropriate and balanced student to coach ratio setting. All boys recreational classes will learn the basic and progressional gymnastics skills on all six of the men’s olympic gymnastics events – floor exercise, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and horizontal bar. In addition, recreational classes will utilize the trampolines, pits and other training tools to develop fundamental gymnastics skills in a fun atmosphere.

Advancement in the recreational program is based on a child’s ability to master skills pre set through the boy’s program. Each child will have the opportunity to work at his on skill and advance through the program when ready. Advancement through the recreational levels leads into the competitive team for boys ages 6-18.The recreational level for boys develops flexibility, strength, coordination, and body control. These classes provide the base for future gymnastics levels.


This class introduces boys age 7+ to the six team events and the skills needed to develop strength, flexibility, and body positions. As the boys progress through the class, they will continually be evaluated by the coach for advancement to Level 2 and up. Skills include forward and backward rolls, handstands, round offs, winging, and turning on bars & rings.


An invitation only 55 minute class that is designed for 7+ year old boys that have been invited via their main coach. Students will show exemplary listening and behavioral skills as well as possess specific gymnastics skills on all of the Men’s Gymnastics events. Students being invited will receive a special certificate from their coach as their invitation into the class. Students must show a general understanding of the basic skills such as forward and backward rolling, cartwheel, handstand, and swings on the bar/rings events.


This advanced class for boys 7 years of age and older continues to build on the skills learned in the Level 1 & Level 2 class. It will introduce the boys to skills performed in competition and team levels. Heavy emphasis will be placed on skill development, strength, and flexibility. The class runs 90 minutes and is INVITATION ONLY. The student will need instructor evaluation for placement in this class.


An invitation only 2 hour class held twice weekly. This class is designed for gymnast 6 years of age or older that have been invited via their main coach with a high interest in competition team. Students being invited are required to do a personal evaluation with a pre‐team evaluation specialist. Once evaluated, he will receive a certificate allowing him to enroll in this class.


A few notes about online registration for classes…

Thank you for your interest in Legacy’s recreational program, now offering online enrollment!
To set up a FREE trial, simply click on the tab appropriate for the session you are wanting to register. From there, choose your class, day, and time. Free trials are open to all new students, or former students inactive in our program for 2+ years. Please contact our office with any questions regarding eligibility.
To enroll, simply click on the tab appropriate for the session you are wanting to register. From there you can select the class, day and time that works best for you! Once registered, please go to the payment tab of the customer portal to pay for classes.
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New students will be directed to a web registration form. Current/returning students, please click the log-in link at the top of the registration form to access your existing account.

Once you are logged in to the customer portal choose “I want to: Enroll in a class” from the drop down menu. From there you can search classes during the appropriate session and narrow the remaining search criteria using the category drop down lists. Once enrolled, please see the “Fees and Payments” tab of the portal to make a payment. See below regarding questions about payment. Students will not have their spot held in class without payment.

Legacy requires a credit card or bank account on file for all tuition payments. The payment method used can be a credit card, debit card, checking account, or a pre-paid credit card (these can be purchased at places like WalMart, Kroger, etc.). Thank you for your understanding!
**If you DO NOT want to be billed automatically using the payment method entered, you can make a payment prior to the billing date at our facility and we will not use the account on file. You are also welcome to pay the year in full if you would not like to keep billing information on your account.

We offer 2 different payment options for our terms: monthly or semester. If enrolling online, please note in the comment section if you would like to pay by semester; otherwise you will be automatically enrolled in our monthly billing option.

Note: All prices with listed classes are based on a monthly tuition rate.


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